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Third Annual Pueblo Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

For the third straight year, Pueblo will be having it's annual Bicycle Scavenger Hunt.  Teams of 2 will be collecting artifacts and taking pictures from around our town. This year's hunt will be hosted by Arkansas River Coffee at the Nature Center.  Everyone will meet before 5pm on July 21st at the coffee shop.  Teams will be allowed to come early, have a coffee or sandwich and receive the scavenger hunt list early in order to form a plan/strategy.  Teams will not be allowed to leave until the 5pm starting gun though. 
After the hunt, teams will meet at Bingo Burger, to socialize, tally up scores, and have a burger and brew. 
For more information, check out the Facebook event page.
Previous year's hunts have been great fun, for a few pictures of previous events, check out the following links.


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