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Same same, but different

In Thailand, the phrase "same, same, but different" is used to explain many things.  When you first hear the phrase, it seems a bit redundant, but the more you hear it used in different circumstances, the more it takes on a profound yet simple meaning.  Well, this Party Ride was definately same, same, but different.  Lots of new folks bringing a fun and positive vibe and filling the void left by other regulars that couldn't make it this ride.
I have to say, the ride is becoming more and more magical each time, with it's ability to effortlessly bring strangers together while creating an easy going and fun atmosphere.  Beer and bicycles are a wicked combination with the potential power to make you and your worst enemy laugh and high-five each other.  Maybe all the world's leaders need to organize their own Party Ride to hash out the world's problems and start getting along.
Video below courtesy of Todd Weber.

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