Pueblo Road Bike Rides

Fall bicycle rides in Pueblo are the best.   Here is a list of a few local favorites.  All routes start from Historic Union Ave.

Downtown to Pueblo Reservoir - 16 miles round-trip - MAP

A nice leisurely cruise along the banks for the Arkansas River on the bicycle and pedestrian trail.  A great ride for people that don't like riding around cars, this route is nearly completely car free. 

The Plants Loop - 24 miles round-trip - MAP

A cool ride out into the south and east county.  Ride past the old and new technology of energy production.  From coal-fired to wind and solar, you'll see it all on this ride.  Great views of the Wet Mountains and very minimal traffic once you get out of town.

Beulah and Back - 52 miles round-trip - MAP

A great ride out to the Wet Mountains and the town of Beulah.  Not the best shoulder, but traffic is minimal (especially on Sundays).  A consistent  climb on the way out and a much easier cruise on the way home.

Pueblo to Fountain -67 miles round-trip - MAP

You'll need a touring bike or mountain bike for this ride, since much of it is on a gravel road.  Zero traffic, great views of  Pikes Peak and the Spanish Peaks. 

Test Track Ride - 58 miles round-trip - MAP

Nice ride out a dead end road onto the eastern plains, with no traffic to speak of.  Many people choose to drive to the airport and then start the ride, but that's lame-o.
County Loop - 40 miles round-trip - MAP 

Great fall ride out into Pueblo county through the farm lands.  Can link up with The Plants Loop to make a longer ride.  Great views of the Wet Mountains to the west.


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  4. What about the Frontier Pathways Scenic Byway, starting from Pueblo, to Westcliffe, then Colorado City? Two days? Suggested camping or lodging along the way?

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