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August Party Ride

The above photo is a good depiction of the August Party Ride madness (thanks Sean).  It was a wild bicycle jungle out there.

The first stop of the ride was again a great one, the keg was tapped, ice cold beers were grabbed from the coolers, people started to mingle and get loose, and a new bike game was introduced.  Bike Golf or Bike Dingle-balls.

Stop 2 is the swim and surf stop.  A welcomed relief from the heat. Again, no-one drowned, the beer stayed cold, and we added two or three people to the ride, so it was considered a successful stop.

Stop 3 was under the Pueblo Blvd bridge for more swimming, music, socializing, and the addition of the Burrito Lady for this ride.  She now knows that we are a hungry group and will be more prepared for it at the next ride.  She was really great though and even made a beer and food run for us, despite being sprayed with mud by a power-slide during the water-bucket bike game. We lost a few riders at this stop, but the majority forged ahead.

The final stop was at the Osprey Campground.  An attempt at a bicycle newspaper boy game was made, but the mood had shifted to water and ice fights and wrestling matches. After six hours of swimming, riding, and drinking, we decided to head back home after a quick flat tire change.  The return pace was fast and furious, empty coolers and trailers hung on for their lives as they were whipped at high speeds around corners.  A few more people dropped off on the return trip and the hardcore kept the party alive at the Shamrock and the DTB into the morning hours.
The next day was slow to get going, but I was already looking forward to the next ride, September 3rd, same time, same place.  

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