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River Ride

So the first ever Ride the Rio Party Ride along the Arkansas River Trail in Pueblo was freaking awesome!  As usual, it's the people that show up for these events that make them so great.  If a person is willing to show up to something unique and out-of-the-ordinary, they're usually ready to have a good time and will be amongst similar company.  No pretentious b.s. here, just a rag-tag bunch of people that love bicycles, fun, sun, beer, and good company.

Stop one was only about 1.5 miles in, but it was hot enough and folks were ready for a beer..or three.  The first stop was a great green, shady nook in the trees overlooking the river and the Angels and Demons mural.  A great first stop for people to have a beer, listen to music, mingle and get relaxed.

Stop two was a much needed swimming stop in the kayak park to cool off.  Not everyone went in, but either splashing in the river or relaxing on shore with a brew, everyone was content. I think the day could have been complete, even if we ended the ride right there, but we found the energy and courage to push on.


Along with the Shamrock keg, Javier also brought a few bike games, one of which we played under the Pueblo Boulevard bridge along the trail next to the river.  I'm not sure what the exact name of the "Bike Water On The Head Game" is, but it sure was fun. Foul and dirty play seemed to be accepted, with payback and retaliation of more dirty and foul play.


The final stop was at the Osprey campground where we had intended to play more bike games, but the wind prevented us from properly playing.  The wind did not, prevent us from drinking more beer and having a shit ton of fun.  Incredibly enough, we did not lose one single person along the way to drowning, crashing (even though I counted 4), or fatigue and we actually gained a random stranger who thought it looked like we were having a pretty damn good time and decided to tag along. 

The next Ride the Rio Party Ride is scheduled for July 30th, so if you didn't make it to this one, make a point to re-arrange your schedule for the next one.  More photos can be found here.
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