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Tea Tree Cafe

Riding a bicycle will save you money with the absence of bills for gas, car payments, gym memberships, auto insurance, and parking fees.  You can now add eating, to the list of how riding a bicycle can save you money.  That is if you choose the proper place to eat.
The Tea Tree Cafe is now offering 10% off to anyone that rides their bicycle to the cafe!   This is great!  One, because it's cool to save money, but two, because it's cool to go to a restaurant that is full of active and healthy customers and employees.  Riding your bike will have a positive effect on your health, but so will the food at Tea Tree Cafe.  High quality, healthy ingredients that are full of wonderful flavors.  My recommendation is the Chicago-rado.
Thank you Tea Tree Cafe for supporting the bicycle community.  Now bicycle community, go support the Tea Tree Cafe.  That's how it works.

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