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A Slice of Belgium

Our most recent cross-country bicycle tourist, Eddy from Belgium, was probably our best this year.  We had previous Saturday evening plans, so unfortunately we didn't get to spend as much time with Eddy as we wanted. We weren't about to just leave him out in the cold, so we got him settled, gave him a Pueblo bike map, told him where the shower was and we went on our way with our plans.  Eddy had just arrived in America a few days prior and it was his first ever visit to the country.   He was very surprised when we assured him that he didn't need to be overly paranoid about crime and theft in America.  So by hosting a cross-country bicycle tourist through warmshowers.org, not only can you change others' perception of Pueblo, but you can also show them that America isn't full of a bunch of selfish, gun-obsessed, winy, un-educated, over-privileged, bastardos.

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  1. Come to think of it, you are right. Colorado has scenic mountains that remind you of the slopes of Belgium. flights to manila