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   The hipness level of a town open to alternative thought can often be judged by the amount of Craigslist.com activity.  Whether it's taking a chance on finding a stranger to be your roommate, doing your shopping there rather than Walmart, Abercrombie and Fitch, REI, or an online conglomerate, finding like-minded strangers to join a club or group, or finding a stranger to rideshare or carpool with, Craigslist.com has it all...if the community supports it.  Here is a quick glance at the rideshare section of Craigslist.com in a few different towns that are relatively similar in size to Pueblo.  All have Universities, all are along a major Interstate, but the difference in rideshare activity is amazing. Take a look for yourself.   Bellingham, WA      Pueblo, CO      Medford-Ashland, OR.
Why the big difference?  
   Many people in Pueblo leave their neighborhood every morning, coffee in hand, and drive alone for 50 miles to work in Colorado Springs, right along next to their neighbors without giving it much of a thought.  Or even from Pueblo West to Pueblo or vice-versa. Gas is expensive, double the hydro-carbons just suck, and heck you may even get outside your box, have an interesting experience, get to know your neighbors, your community and make a new friend.  So if you're going to drive a car, at least invite someone along for the ride.

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