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One of the great things about being part of a  bicycle community is wide variety of people you are able to connect with, that share your similar interests.  At the Bike-In-Movie last Saturday, I briefly met David and Varina that live in Pueblo, enjoy being on bicycles, and as it turns out, also enjoy hosting cross-country bicycle tourists from time to time. 
The cross-country tourists they hosted, keep a very nice blog about their adventures and their post about Pueblo was a very positive one!  Minus the flat tire in town (don't worry guys, if you live and ride here, you get a flat at least a couple times a month), their experience of Pueblo seemed great.  It's nice to read about bicycle experiences in Pueblo from an "outsider's" perspective.  Read their Pueblo post HERE and continue to follow their journey.
It's people like David, Varina, The Great Divide, and even the beer at the Shamrock,  that will help continue to cultivate the bicycle culture of Pueblo.

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