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It was a perfect summer evening to relax by the river, meet new people, drink a cold beer, snack on some popcorn and take in some indie films, outdoors and under the stars. The best part...the only way to take it all in was if you had a bicycle or were willing to walk.  About 50 people showed up for Pueblo's first ever Bike-in-Movie along the Arkansas River bike trail.


Before the show, people mingled, drank a few cold beers, talked about bikes and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the river.   A few less-outdoorsy types had raised concerns about mosquitoes being a potential issue, but we combated them with citronella, a positive attitude, and laughter.  There were  a few minor temporary technical difficulties with the equipment, but the gap was filled with impromptu shadow puppetry and an erotic stage dance.

Special thanks to Rita, Angie, Kristen, and Abby for making popcorn for everyone, to Travis and Emilie for painting the wall a beautiful shade of pink, to Kane for supplying us with a great stencil to make signs with, to Garrett and Mike for making the dream a reality, to the PULP for advertising it, and to everyone that showed up and made this a great community event! Hopefully there will be another one very soon!
Here is a short video of parts of the night.


  1. What movies are you thinking of showing?

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