Bicycle Rentals, Hostels, Repairs, and Sales in Pueblo

The Cycle of Life, which is the "newish" bike shop in Pueblo, Colorado that has a focus of fixing up and refurbishing used bicycles for resale and providing inexpensive transportation options for folks in need, is now also offering bicycle rentals.  Their long term goal is to provide a full bicycle rental fleet, but for now, stop in and they will basically rent you whatever bike they have in the shop. 
They also offer full service bicycle mechanic work and sell new parts, tubes, etc in the shop.
Other future plans include having a cool "bicycle hostel" for cross-country touring bicyclists, which will offer them and inexpensive and centrally located place to stay while passing through Pueblo.   Among cross-country bicycle tourists, Pueblo generally has a bad reputation as a non-bicycle-friendly stop along the tour, so most people just stop and get out of town ASAP.   If that image can be changed, at least 2000 bicycle tourists per year could potentially stop in Pueblo and have a mutli-day stay over and contribute tourist dollars to our community.  Having a friendly bicycle hostel is a good start to changing that reputation.


  1. Visited this bike shop on a suggestion from friend that they might be able to get my two kids some inexpensive bikes since they collect donated bike and was told they refurb them and put them back out into the community to those that need them. I was told by the owner that yes he did take donated bikes however he was a used bike shop to profit so he sold these bikes. He suggested I go to New Horizons as that is where they send the "cheap" bikes - pieces of junk $50 and up. Save your time and go to WM!

  2. I do believe that the manager you are discussing, was fired for embezzlement in early March. Hopefully this is still not an issue at Cycle of Life. What does the acronym "WM" refer to? If that stands for Walmart, then you obviously don't care about your community, world affairs, or human life...just saving money to have a new bike. If Cycle of Life doesn't have what you want, there are plenty of thrift stores, craigslist ads, or garage sales that are a MUCH better option than Walmart.

  3. Well apparently the new "manager" isn't much better. Just a rich kid, looking for attention trying to be part of the new scene. Doesn't know the first thing about a cycling community or doesn't give a shit about community in general, just about be superaddocoolbro. Doesn't return phone calls, talks about organizing events but doesn't, and can't keep the store stocked. In WAY over his head...bro.

  4. Cycle of Life is a cycle "salvage". The manager is a young man who is working hard to pull the store out of a whole and rebuild what was damaged by the previous manager. Cycle of life does offer select new parts but being a Non Profit they can only carry what is needed for repairs. The store can not be stocked for that reason. Community events are organized in partnership with other organizations.

  5. Brian spillman has no business organizing community events

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