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Valet Parking

During large downtown events, finding a car parking spot can be as frustrating as looking for a quality micro-brew to drink in Pueblo.  Luckily, I have information on how to make both of those things easier this weekend for the Wild Wild West Festival.  If you ride your bicycle downtown you won't have to fight traffic, go round and round in circles, searching for a place to park your car.  Instead, you roll right up to the gate, lock up your bicycle and away you go.
Coors, Budweiser, Tecate and Shock Top don't qualify as good beers in my book, but that's mostly what you'll find as you wander Union Ave this weekend.  If your taste buds are more refined than that, wander down to Bingo Burger or the Downtown Bar, both of whom have the best micro-brew selection in town.

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