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Friendly Commute

If you see someone you know while driving to work in an automobile, it's not really that exciting and other than waving, you don't really communicate with them.  That's not the case when you see someone you know while commuting by bicycle.  You actually get to communicate with them, have a conversation, and that's a great way to start the day! 
It was doubly cool, because just yesterday I saw Angie dressed as a pirate and a mom at the Costume Cruiser Ride and this morning I saw her as she was heading to work at Parkview as a Recreational Therapist....all on a bicycle.  Nice! 


  1. Buses and trains are nice this way, too.

  2. The bus and the train are probably easier for conversation as you don't have to talk over the wind or battle being out of breath:) BUT, the fresh air and exercise are an advantage to the bicycle.

  3. I had a Great time! I am an old timer and a parent. Good exercise. :-) I also think more people should get out. See you all Friday the 13th. Native American