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Critical Mass Success

Many bicyclists braved the not so springlike day and rode through rain, sleet and snow to show their support for the bicycle community that we all belong to.

 My favorite part of the event was the variety of people that showed up.  Young, old, parents, children, activists, students, teachers, serious cyclists, and people that just like dressing up in costumes. 

The hope is that people will continue to ride their bicycles, not only for fun and social reasons, but also as a replacement for the mainstream mode of transportation...the car.  

It was the first Critical Mass for many people at the event and for many the first time even hearing the words Critical Mass.

Everyone did a pretty darn good job obeying the rules of the road and the response from automobiles on the road was very positive.

 We received a lot of friendly honks, thumbs up, woot-woots and only one car driver asked me if I was dressed as a dildo.  Honestly, my shark costume could have easily been mistaken for a dildo.

The energy of the group was pretty high to begin with and we got a bit spread out, but towards the end of the ride we developed a better rhythm of keeping everyone together as a group...or the Union hill tired everyone out and slowed everyone down.

I think one way to make the ride more kid friendly in the future would be if  we put a few kids in the front and let them lead until they get tired, then the adult group could continue on with another route.

I think the group did an excellent job of getting a message across without being abrasive or negative. 

Whether your reason for riding a bicycle is to make a statement about the environment, your physical health, your mental health, your political views or your financial improvement, we made signs for everything.

Plans to continue a similar event in the future were discussed and people were also informed of all the other fun bicycle related EVENTS that are already planned for bike month.

So if you are a fair-weather bicyclists and happened to miss the inaugural ride you won't have to wait long for the next fun bicycle event.

It was cool to meet a lot of great new people that love having fun, riding a bicycle and doing something unique, healthy, and slightly out of the ordinary.

So whether it's the next Critical Mass, the Bike-In-Movie, the Bicycle Scavenger Hunt, the Bicycle Commuter Cup , the weekly Thursday Costume Cruiser rides, or the Adults on Kid's Bike races be sure to attend and bring as many friends as possible.

 The Pueblo bicycle movement has been inching along for years, I think it's time to take off and flourish!