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Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

Forty-six people gathered on Friday at PCC for the start of the second annual Pueblo Bicycle Scavenger Hunt. Friends, couples, families, and complete strangers formed teams of 2-3 for a night of bicycle riding, laughing, strategy, scavenging, socializing, friendly competition, and fun.

At 6:00pm sharp, an impossibly huge list of clues was handed out and teams scrambled to assemble a game plan to obtain the answers to as many possible clues by 7:45pm and regroup at Bingo Burger downtown.

There were 4 categories of clues on the list that were assigned, with each item assigned a specific point value based on degree of difficulty.   The photo section category had teams take digital photos of random things or poses around town.

Human pyramids, posing with a police officer, posing in a shopping cart, a live horse, an out of state license plate, streaking through the Cock-n-Bull, and an Italian flag were a few examples of things teams needed to photograph.

Baseball cards were also hidden under benches, picnic tables, and payphones around town and teams scored points if they were the first to find the cards. 

Teams were also required to physically gather clues such as a 7-inch record, hotel soap, a 1040 tax form, pine-cones, and wine corks and transport them in backpacks, baskets or panniers to the final meeting point.

At 7:45pm, teams gathered at Bingo Burger, who were gracious enough to host the after-party and offer discounts on food and beer.  Each team was paired with another team, then scavenger hunt lists were exchange, photos and clues were verified and checked by the opposing team and points were tallied. 

Teams socialized, drank beer, ate great food, laughed at photos, made new friends and validated clues for the next few hours. It was awesome to see so many bicycles out but equally amazing to see so many people having fun and getting to know other people in the bicycle community.

When the dust settled, Jonathon, Shawna, and Joel, by only a few points and a lithium battery, edged out Alex and Sarah and Shane and John.  Gift certificates from Hopscotch Bakery and Bingo Burger and  3 handmade hats were awarded to the winners. Dave was also the lucky drawing recipient of a one-hour therapeutic massage.

The crowd dwindled slightly, but the after-after party flowed over to the Downtown Bar, who offered $1 off your first beer if you were on a bicycle. 
If you missed this Bicycle Scavenger Hunt, don't worry, a late summer or early fall Hunt is already in the works.  If you attended this Hunt and have some hilarious photos from your night, send them to alternativecommutepueblo@yahoo.com, I would love to put together a photo collage of everyone's night.

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