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Bicycle Enclave

Living in a town that hasn't quite hit it's full cycling potential has it's disadvantages.  Finding people with similar interests sometimes seems impossible.  One positive about the scarcity of people on bicycles, is that when you do see someone cycling, you almost instantly feel a connection with them.  Similar to a group of ex-patriots in a foreign country that bond together because they miss certain aspects of their homeland or a group of immigrants in the United States that find comfort in others that share culture similarities.
When passing another person on a bicycle while in Portland, Seattle, Boulder, or Minneapolis, you're just another cyclist, one of thousands.  There is no waving or cheerful saluting, or the excitement you see in someone's eyes because you just saw another person on a bicycle.   You're just a person on a bicycle that has forgotten and taken for granted the work that has gone into their cycling community, all the bicycle related events going on in your town, and wonderful infrastructure that exists.
So whether you're in Portland, Pueblo, Austin, Fargo, Bellingham, Detroit or Miami Beach, the next time you see another cyclist on the road, give them a wave, say hello, and appreciate that you and that person have something in common and are part of something really great.

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  1. I think each person have their own preference regarding biking. So its hard to find the person that have the same preference. Thanks for share your bike enclave story.