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The Start of Touring Season

Last night our first cross-country bicycle tourist of the year stayed with us!  Kerry from New Zealand had gotten an early start on the touring season and wasn't overly bothered by the piles of snow and frozen gears that he encountered in the Rockies.  Kerry was a very nice and interesting fellow and it was a pleasure to have him as a guest for the evening.  A few glasses of wine and stories of the open road made for a great night.
I encourage all Puebloans to host cross-country cyclists through warmshowers.org.  Whether you are a cyclist yourself or not, it's not only a  great way to help the local cycling community by creating a positive perception of Pueblo to out-of-towners.  It's also a great way to feel like you are traveling without leaving town and a great way to meet new and interesting folks.  Soaking in travel stories from others and reminiscing of your own past travel experiences is the next best thing to actually traveling.   Frequent refreshing waves of an outside-Pueblo perspective is always a good thing too.. It doesn't hurt that we also now have a welcoming home waiting for us in New Zealand if we decide to tour the island:).
Visit the BICYCLE TOURING section of this website to find out more ways you can help promote bicycle touring in Pueblo.

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