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Mail by bicycle

This post was inspired by a few recent posts by my friend Jenny who writes a great blog about recycling in Pueblo.
Apparently the USPS has come out with a collection of Go Green stamps, one of them promoting bicycle commuting.  It started me thinking about mail delivery, bicycles, automobiles, and conservation.  Bicycle mail is relatively commonplace in countries like New Zealand, the UK, Germany, Denmark, and  France, but I had no idea that even in the US of A in Sun City, Arizona, St. Petersburg, Florida, and Miami Beach, Florida the mail is delivered by bicycle too.  Year round warm weather and flat topography are probably the key.  I say Pueblo should go for it too! 
The UK not too long ago banned their postal workers from delivering by bicycle, siting efficiency and safety as the reason for the change to a fleet of vans. But what about consumption of oil and gas, pollution, and worker health?   In the US, the largest fleet of vehicles for any one company belongs to the US Postal Service (Wal-Mart being second).  So what has more environmental impact, greenwashing with a stamp collection or reducing vehicle use?
Enviromedia Social Marketing and the University of Oregon have partnered to make a public list of  greenwashed ad spots that can be rated by the public. HERE is the pretty interesting site.  Is the USPS more concerned about their image or about promoting environmentalism?

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  1. I love the stamp....!......when will it be released?