How to organize a Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

Do you want to know how to organize your own Bicycle Scavenger Hunt? Organizing a Bicycle Scavenger Hunt is really pretty easy.  I prefer a hybrid scavenger hunt, with 4 categories of clues to find.  I will include a link to my scavenger hunt list at the end of this article.

These are physical items that the teams need to seek out, collect, and then transport them in backpacks or panniers until the end of the hunt.

These types of clues, give a general statement, in which the answer can be found somewhere around your town, then the answer is written down and taken to the end of the hunt.

This takes a bit of prep work by the organizer, who takes a few baseball cards and tape and hides them around town the night before the hunt.  Then a clue to their location is given and teams have to go find them and collect them.  It adds a nice layer of strategy to the hunt, because only one team will be able to score points since there will only be one baseball card per clue.

These will be items or actions that teams will have to do or collect and document by taking digital photos.

At the end of the hunt, teams are paired up with another team, and they grade each others clue lists and tally up how many points were earned.  This is nice, because the organizer doesn't have to spend the rest of the night tallying up points and also gets teams together to get to know each other, laugh at photos and dispute points earned.   I have uploaded my Bicycle Scavenger Hunt List at the following location.

The list will have to be slightly modified for your town.

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