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The Good and The Bad

The Good
The previously unpaved section of the Arkansas River trail between Santa Fe Ave and Main Street is now completely paved and smooth.  No more mud and winter ice.
Also, construction workers have almost completed a paved section connecting the Main Street trailhead down to the trail.  Very nice!

The Bad
The trail underneath the 4th Street bridge is still closed.  Today I was told to turn around.  How can they get away with not offering a detour option?  If an automobile road were under construction would they not offer a detour...or just tell you to turn around and get out of there?  Most cities, when bicycle trails are impassible and under construction, a detour option is marked with signs. CDOT must know this, they work all over the state, including Springs, Denver, and Boulder, where bicyclists would raise hell if their bicycle highway was closed.  Since it's Pueblo, apparently it's ok.

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