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Bicycle Canvassing

Convincing people to participate in bicycle related events is difficult.  Mostly because everyone has different reasons for wanting to participate (or not wanting to participate), therefore your target audience is extremely varied.  Here are 4 groups to target.

1.  Target the car-culture obsessed.
Even though the chances of convincing someone in this group to participate is next to nothing, the thought of getting a person on a bike that normally wouldn't even think about it is too sweet not to try.
Technique: General posters around town at bars, Walmart, fast-food places, car shows, and gun shows.  Poster graphics should involve women in bikinis, men without shirts, and Coors beer.

2.  Target the hipster / activist / political type
Some people just love to be involved with things because it helps them with their image of being cool or their cause.  It doesn't matter what the event or cause is, as long as it makes them look cool, they'll be down for it.
Technique: General posters around town at coffee shops, tattoo parlors, Facebook, art galleries, and record stores. Poster graphics should involve tattoos, saving the whales, being vegetarian, saving the endangered gopher, black glasses, signing an online petition, turning the earth green, chic clothing, mass movements, anything retro, and catchy slogans.

3.  Target the recreational bicyclist
You know they already ride a bicycle, but depending on the bicycle event, it may not be extreme enough for them.  Chances of convincing them to attend the event are good because they already have the love for the bicycle.
Technique:  Place posters in bike shops, gyms, yoga studios, running clubs, Footlocker and at organized endurance races. Poster graphics should include bulging muscles, insanely expensive bicycles, No Fear, skin tight lycra, the word XXXtreme, a Red Bull or microbrew sponsor, scars or blood, and nutrition.

4.  Target the everyday bicyclist.
I think this group has the highest percentage for successfully being convinced to participate.  If you see a bicycle parked on a rack, you already know that they are riding, so just hope they aren't the DUI bicyclist or the uni-bomber and will be excited that they received a small note and will attend your event in order to meet new people.
Technique:  Find a bicycle parked on a rack, then tape a small flier to their seat.  Poster graphics should be simple. You could add some Jack Daniels graphics if you think it may be a DUI bicyclist.

Getting people on a bicycle is only the first step.  Convincing the active cyclists to become active in the overall movement is almost as difficult as initially getting someone on a bike.   Just because you ride a bicycle, doesn't mean you shouldn't help the bicycle community in other ways.  If you don't like that there aren't bike lanes, that not many people cycle, or that existing events aren't done the way you like...do something about it.
More information HERE, to get involved with existing events

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