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Pueblo Bicycle Commuter Cup

It's a little early yet, but I have to celebrate a little bit after finishing the webpage and database for this year's Pueblo Bicycle Commuter Cup.  I'm a bit of a data geek, so creating the database was super fun!  Registration is officially open, so if you're a daily bicycle commuter or someone that just wants to give riding to work a try and would like some extra motivation and camaraderie from your co-workers, sign up your workplace or office.  It's basically a way to log and keep track of your individual and office bicycle commute rate and create a fun and healthy atmosphere amongst your fellow co-workers.  This will be just one of many fun bicycle related events planned for this May/June.  Help spread the word, become a fan of the Facebook fan page, and ride a bike!
Come check out some of the photos from last year's bike to work events.

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