Handlebar bags at night

Having a front handlebar bag is pretty high on my list of accessories to have while touring or even commuting.  Having a front bike-light is an utmost necessity when riding at night.  The problem happens when you try to combine the two.  Normally, your bike-light attaches to the horizontal part of the handlebar, but if you have a bag that attaches to the crossbar, you have a problem
  • Option 1: See attached photo
  • Option 2: A helmet-light, they look super cool. 
  • Option 2: Buy a bag-style that mounts to a front rack and not to the horizontal part of the handlebar 


  1. Fits perfectly on handle bars. I didn't want something bulky and moving all around. This is the perfect size for keys, cell phone, lip balm, sun glasses, gum, head band and tissues (all of which I have in the bag I purchased!) Plus there is room for more stuff! GREAT bag, nice looking too! i purchased this bag at http://www.apparelnbags.com/alternative/index.htm

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