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Going Slow, Pays

 I always stress that my favorite part about riding a bicycle is that it slows my life down.  Physically I move slower, but I'm also able to mentally digest visuals and make connections I wouldn't be able to make whizzing by in a car.  Whether it's having the time to watch two squirrels chase each other up a tree or making eye contact with and nodding to the old man walking out to pick up the morning newspaper, slowing down makes sense. In a recent morning conversation with John, we came to the conclusion that slowing down also makes financial sense.  His recent commute to work by foot isn't going to help him retire earlier, but the small treasure may buy him a couple of happy hour beers at the Shamrock.  First, he found a quarter on the sidewalk, not a bad find, makes you feel lucky.  He kept walking, scanning the terrain like a hawk looking for a mouse, and came upon a crisp $5 bill!  So the morning commute yielded $5.25 plus any money saved for not having to use gasoline.  Score.

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