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Bicycle Friendly University

 I'm always seeing lists for the most bicycle friendly cities and towns, but universities also have started to make bicycle friendly lists.  Here are the most bicycle friendly universities in the U.S.  I would rank CSU-Pueblo as a Rusty Tin award winner, but Pueblo Community College (pictured above) would rank much higher.

University                                                  Award
Stanford University                                      Platinum
University of California, Davis                      Gold
University of California, Santa Barbara         Gold
California State, Long Beach                        Silver
Colorado State University                            Silver
Portland State University                              Silver
University of  Arizona                                   Silver
University of California, Irvine                       Silver
University of Minnesota                                Silver
University of Oregon                                    Silver
University of Washington                              Silver
University of Wisconsin                                Silver
Boise State University                                   Bronze
Cornell University                                         Bronze
Emory University                                          Bronze
Indiana University                                         Bronze
Michigan State University                             Bronze
University of North Carolina                         Bronze
University of California, Los Angeles             Bronze
University of Maryland                                  Bronze

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