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Trivia Walk

Last night was Trivia Night at the Downtown Bar with Johnmark Wiley and his lovely assistant Jenny Kedward. It was also one of the snowier nights that I've witnessed in Pueblo.  The roads were very slick and the snow piling high, so we decided that walking was our best option over bicycling. It was absolutely gorgeous out,  around 25 F, with huge, gently falling snowflakes laying down an ultra soft and fluffy blanket of fresh and quiet.
Our trivia team was even in 1st place after round 4, and were already planning our free round of drinks,  but  quickly took a nose dive when the trivia subject matter turned local.  We ended up in a respectable 3rd place, just out of the money.
On the walk home, we lallygagged, took photographs, slid on the ice, trippednd fell face first into the snow,  and ducked behind dumpsters to eliminate excess beer.  It was a great night, with the journey three-quarters of the adventure.  Trivia @ the Downtown Bar with JMW is FREE every Thursday from 8pm -10pm, always with a first and second place prize.

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