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Town with a Plan

View Proposed Trails in a larger map
Planning for the future isn't always instantly gratifying, therefore many people don't do it.  In recent years, seeing instant results has become the norm, while future planning and the hard work part get left behind.  Going to last night's 2035 Transportation Plan meeting gave me hope that the City of Pueblo hasn't forgotten about planning for the future.  Many cool and interesting "potential" future projects are outlined in the bicycle section of the plan.  I decided to make a rough interactive map of what Pueblo would look like if all the long term projects were done immediately.  Pretty awesome!  Details about the long term projects have yet to be fully worked out, so this map is just a rough estimate of plans. CLICK HERE to see full map view and a map legend which briefly describes the long term projects. To read the entire Bike Plan, CLICK HERE

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