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They've got your back.

I am constantly trying to get people to rethink their lives and their repetitive, unhealthy daily grind of getting to and from work, by promoting bicycle commuting in the workplace and amongst co-workers.  Not only does it unbind the monotony and mindlessness of your daily car traffic hassle, by replacing it with an adventurous, uninhibited, and mind opening bicycle commute, but it also creates a camaraderie with your fellow co-workers at your place of employment.  Whether you are a part-time commuter or the leader of your Pueblo Commuter Cup team, yesterday I realized one more reason to promote biking to work at your workplace.
Before a lunch meeting yesterday, I realized I had flat tire.  No problem, right?  It became a problem when I realized I had glue, tire levers, pump and sand paper, but NO PATCHES!  Thankfully, I have fellow co-workers that also commute to work by bicycle and got hooked up with a patch, was able to change my flat, and ride home no problem.  Strength in numbers my friends, strength in numbers.

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