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Road Rage

Over the weekend I was involved in bicycle/automobile road rage incident.  While riding west on Indiana Avenue between Orman and Lake Ave, which is a very wide and low traffic street,  a car buzzed within 1 foot of my handlebar. It got my attention and I threw up my hands as to say "WTF" was that for?  He was anxiously looking in his rear view mirror, obviously waiting for a reaction and decided that since my hands came off my handlebars, that I must have given him the bird.  So he slammed on his brakes, got out of his car, threatened to break my finger and do other bodily harm.  It was intense, I wasn't sure if I should drop my bike and ready my kung fu stance or try to weather the storm.  If this act wasn't classy enough, we also noticed that his young son was in the car, watching and learning from dead-beat dad.  It blows my mind that someone would buzz a bicyclist in the first place, you could easily kill that person, but then to attempt to blame the bicyclist when they react to you almost killing them is completely absurd.  Hey dead-beat dad, I know you probably can't read, so I found THIS for you to explain the law.

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  1. I may have forgot. I believe that the Edge ski shop on union has a good selection of discs too.
    Too bad about the road rage incident. I would have gotten physical for sure with such an asshole provoking me. Some people find some perverse joy in harassing bikers. I have encountered it at times here in pueblo. Others seem oblivious and think a biker will travel forth in a perfectly straight line without weaving at all, so 4 inches is all the clearance needed. Also, another of my experiences here. I admire your restraint and wish you well. It is hard to think straight in that situation, but I have learned to try (very difficult) to focus on the license plate and memorize it so I can report it to the cops. Maybe some legal hassle will change their asshole ways.