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Riding in Ice and Slush

The current weather pattern in Pueblo of snow, thaw, freeze, rain, snow, freeze, thaw, rain, and thaw can cause for some tricky riding conditions.  A few simple tricks can make your ride easier, save you from an injury and a trip to the hospital, definitely help you in the fashion scene, and improve your bike handling skills.

TIP 1.  If it's snowy or icy, chose a mountain bike or a bike with wider, higher friction tires.   If that's not an option and you only have slick tires, let some air out of the tires to slightly increase surface area in contact with the road.

TIP 2. If it's slick, wear a helmet.  You should probably always where a helmet, but especially if you're inexperienced with snow/ice riding.

TIP 3. If it's icy, slow down, take your time, and don't make any jerky movements with your handlebars around corners.  Wide, slow turns are your friend.

TIP 4.  Ease into using your brakes, and try to avoid using your front brakes on ice at all.  If you start to slide, don't panic and slam on the front brake, you'll surely go down.

TIP 5. Get some fenders for slush and rain, otherwise you'll end up with skunk stripe up your butt crack and mud freckles all over your face.


  1. I was wondering how you were faring with the extreme conditions we have been having. I have switched to bipedal locomotion with this weather. Fenders rule. I will read the bike tax thing you posted. Cool!
    Seeing how unsustainable the automobile culture is and how increasingly unsatisfying it is to be in the metal conformist cage makes me try to get around less by car. Your commitment to biking is an inspiration and must be so frustrating at times here in Pueblo, but keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Green Machine! Sometimes walking can be just as enjoyable as biking. It slows things down even further, so it's easier to look at and notice even more things as you walk!
    Did you have any luck selling a few of your bikes?

  3. No. It has been an awful ordeal getting online now that I am not online at home. So I have not been doing craigslist. Other issues have been keeping me very busy, so the bikes sit in the garage. Although a homeless man tried to steal one a few weeks ago. I caught him red-handed. Unreal, but I saw his need to get around so I pumped up the tires in a little used huffy cruiser I did not like and dropped it off at the homeless shelter. He offered to buy it for $20 but never showed again. So it is a donation.