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Familiar Blinky

On my ride to work this morning, I spotted another bicycle commuter far ahead of me, waiting at the stoplight on 1st and Santa Fe.  I knew they were a legit bicycle commuter because 1) they were stopped at the stoplight and 2) they had a rear blinky light. I quickly weaved through the side streets in order to catch up and take a photo, and then realized it was my co-worker Dan!   We were able to ride the few remaining blocks to work together and comment on the wicked good sunrise.


  1. You're such a bike stalker! I like seeing bikers stop at lights too. I walk to/fro on Main St when it's nice out to get some java. I always see the worst examples of bicycling: riding on sidewalk, riding the wrong way, not stopping at lights. Oy vey!

  2. It's not so bad when I bike stalk males, but the females always give me a weird look. It's not you, it's your bike I'm after, darling.

    Sidewalk riders have a death wish.

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