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Children and Bicycles

 Pueblo has some of the highest child obesity rates in the state.  A 2009 health profile for Pueblo County showed that 12.5 percent of children ages 2-14 were overweight and 17.8 percent of the same age group were obese.  Two main factors of obesity are diet and exercise.  If you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight.  Social and cultural factors can affect the diet of a child.  Healthy food can be expensive. "It's been at least a generation of bad-habit building. Families in poverty have the least ability to change bad habits. They often don't have the resources or the ability to change" says Dr. Chris Nevin-Woods.  Although, I believe with a little research and effort, eating healthy can be done on the cheap. 

 Exercise habits on the other hand can be changed regardless of economic factors.  A video game or a television is much more expensive than a bicycle, skateboard or a soccer ball.  A child does need a mentor in order to learn those good exercise habits.  It doesn't need to be about fitness, make it fun.  If someone told me I needed to ride my bike just to make me healthy, rather than doing it because it feels good to have the wind blow through my hair and feel the excitement of going down a hill, I'd have a difficult time doing it.

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