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Active Age

This morning at the Valentine's Day Twosome 5K relay we noticed that there was a obvious lack of participants in the 21-35 year old age group.  There were plenty of 18 and under participants and over 40 participants, but the lack of healthy, active, 20-somethings was really startling. Plus, it was a costume race! Even if you aren't in tip-top shape (I am a very slow runner), what kind of young adult doesn't like a party/costume event followed by beer?  That's unheard of in most vibrant college towns! Luckily later in the day, we saw Travis and Emilie as we were finishing our post ride ice cream at Taffy's and it gave me more hope that the young crowd in Pueblo still may be interested in being active rather than sitting inside and doing nothing.  It doesn't have to even be physical, but at least do something active in your community that will help it in the long term.

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