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Put your spare bicycle to work

Bike share programs seem to be all the rage in many major cities.  Thousands of dollars are spent buying shared bicycles and organizing the share program.  Pueblo even tried and failed to organize a share program.  Here may be the solution...Velolet.  It's basically a bike share program of already existing bicycles.  No need to spend huge amounts of time organizing your own local program, buying or gathering shared bicycles, and planning a bicycle share network...it's already been done for you!  All you need to do is register your spare bicycle, then if someone visits Pueblo, they can search the city for available bicycles to rent. And vice versa when you travel to a city other than your own but still would like a bicycle.  It's kind of a mashup of Craigslist and Couchsurfing but for bicycles!  Now all we need to do is have tons of people in town register their bicycles on www.velolet.com and Pueblo will become a bicycle sharing destination!  Maybe.


  1. The bike share idea and many other things you have posted are good. My fleet is mostly in subpar shape needing repair. I gave away an excellent womens schwinn for christmas. I also have very clean and hardly ridden 1980 3spd Raliegh Sports. It is a blast to ride, but too small for me and I am more in need of money at this desperate time. Like the schwinn, I would like to find a good home for it, but for sale and not a gift. I have a picture I could send by phone. I guess it would make a great rental too (fenders, chainguard, easy riding) but I would hate it if it was just beaten for fun.
    Ok, my comment did not go through, so I post again despite my great difficulty getting online.

  2. Hey green machine. I think velolet.com is still in it's infancy, and if it takes off, it may not be a good income source for a while. You should try posting one of your bikes on craigslist.com, it may have been luck selling there.