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Health Expo

The PACE booth at the Health Expo on Saturday was one of the more popular.  I'd like to think it was because everyone loved what we were doing, but our cool water bottle give away probably also had something to do with it:) 
Kim came over early and her, Rita and I loaded up the trailer with a display board, tons of bike maps, bookmarks, stickers, and brochures and headed off to the Expo in true alternative transportation style. 
We had a turnout of nearly 40 people that road their bicycles to the Expo!  Many of whom have graced this blog in the past that I got to meet for the first time or be reacquainted with.   At the booth, we made contact with politicians, families, kids, business owners, bicycle coordinators, bicycle couples, wellness coordinators for businesses, university deans, potential team leaders for the Pueblo Commuter Cup,  new cyclists, and veteran cyclists.  Jonathon from the Great Divide was the winner of the $250 gift certificate to Vance's Bicycle World...slightly ironic.   It was a great day!
But the best part, was that it was over by 1pm and it was 65 degrees outside so we still had a chance to go for a ride and enjoy the day.  On our ride home, we met up with Emily who had stopped by the booth so we all rode part of the way together.
Bicycles and the community they create were brought together on this fine and glorious day!

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