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Driving to Walk

On my recent adventure to the Pueblo Mall, I came across something interesting.  I arrived at the mall 15 minutes before it opened, so I sat down to relax a bit and noticed quite a few people walking around even with all of the shops still closed.  It took me a while to figure it out, but realized that they had driven to the mall so they could get their exercise by walking inside.  This might make sense in Fargo, ND or in the evening after dark, but on a very beautiful morning?  Why not walk out your front door?  If there are mall walkers that read this, please explain. 


  1. I hate this too! That's why I stopped going to the gym. It never made sense to drive to a place to run on a treadmill. I used to bike to the Y but then they moved it to a very unfriendly place.

  2. Yeah, if you biked to the Pueblo YMCA now, your workout would be over before you even got there! Unless you got hit by a car before you even arrived. HWY 50 and Pueblo Boulevard are the only access routes to the community YMCA. That shouldn't be. There are hopes to extend the Wildhorse Creek trail all the way to the YMCA, that would be great!

  3. Most cities in Colorado are full of unwalkable neighborhoods. In the past, I have both driven and taken the bus to places where I could walk safely.