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An Alternative to the Alternative

I normally don't think of my commute as physical exercise, rather more so as mental exercise.  Mental as in some days I have to mentally convince myself to get on the bicycle or most days the bicycle is a form of mental meditation or exercise.   Today was different.
Over the weekend, I rented a car for the holidays in order to go spend time with some family in Boulder.  I returned the car this morning, but then after work I was without a bicycle but had two capable feet.  I had planned ahead and brought my running shoes and running gear and decided rather than walking, to run home instead.  I do run "medium" distances on a fairly regular basis, but this was much farther and my first time running as transportation. It was transportation, but it was still definitely physical exercise!  It was also difficult because it was along one of my normal bicycle commute routes and all I could think about was how much faster and easier it is on my bicycle!  I look forward to having my wheels back tomorrow. 

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