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Three Wheeled Revolution

Three wheels and a rear basket is a unique and fun way to carry heavy loads around town in style.  I am hopeful that one local tricycle rider in particular, will soon be contributing a monthly comic about his Pueblo tricycle experiences.  So if you see him, light a fire under him.
I've always dreamed about getting a tricycle with warmer or cooler on the front and making a living peddling burritos or ice cream.  Maybe next summer I'll team up with the Vasquez Taco Shop and slang burritos up and down Union in the evenings.
If you dig the tricycle, here's a couple of websites to try


  1. Tricycles need to common and accepted for bicycles to be a major form of transportation. Lots of people simply don't have the balance to necessary to ride a bicycle everywhere, especially if they need to carry stuff with them.

  2. i saw one the other day on Santa Fe and the man had 2 dogs in the front basket.

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