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Scavenger Hunt

So if you weren't able to make it to Pueblo's first (defiantly the not last) Bicycle Scavenger Hunt, you missed out on a freaking awesome night!   Everyone that I talked to had an amazing time and were ready for the next Hunt as soon as this one was over.  It was a great way to get some exercise and also socialize with fellow bicyclists over beers at the end.

Unofficial results:
Sara/Kriyah 111
Justin/Gwen 133
John/Dustin 114
Jenny/Caleb/John/Kristin 150
Kim/Al/Denise/Ty 126
Shawna/Andrew/Jonathon 153
Ryan/Matt/Mike 86
Ryan/Nicholas 120
Holly/MaryDee 104
Jake/Bonnie 104
Emilie/Travis/Melissa 104
Some extra photos of my team getting clues:
Inside a bar taking shots
Doing a headstand in the street.
On a swingset
 Inside a dumpster
Kissing a stranger on the cheek
Next to a male statue
In a bikini
A man with a mustache
Wading waist deep in water

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