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Pueblo Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

   Riding bicycles is fun.  Riding bicycles with other people is more fun.  Riding bicycles with other people while hunting for treasures may be the most exciting thing worldly possible.  
   Teams of 2-3 people will ride their bicycles around town, looking for and gathering clues and taking photos of clues. If you don't have a team, show up, and single bicyclists will be paired up to form a team or add on to another team. Each item on the scavenger list will be assigned a designated point value based on the degree of difficulty in obtaining the clue. The team that gathers the most points from the list in the 2 hour time limit, wins.

A bicycle
A backpack/bag/pannier/basket/trailer for carrying clues
One digital camera per team.
Bicycle lights (there will be some provided for those who don't have them)
Helmet highly recommended

   The start of the event will be on the lawn of the Pueblo Community College campus, off of Orman Street. Teams will obtain their clues and mission there. The event will end in the basement of the Cock-n-Bull Bar on Union Ave, where we will meet to tally up scores and drink beer. A great way to start the night before the Chili Festival too.

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  1. Ryan-Sounds like a blast. So bummed that we are up in Vail that weekend for a conference. If something changes, I'll come with Sergio and Sophie and Luca is tow.