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New Bicycle Lanes and Sharrows

A few weeks ago, new bicycle lanes and sharrows were painted in the Belmont area near CSU-P.  Today we shot some video of local bicycle volunteers using and misusing the new infrastructure features in attempt to educate both bicyclists and motorists on how to use them.  While we were shooting, we saw a variety of bicyclists using and misusing the sharrows, bicycle lanes, and sidewalks in the area, but were pleasantly surprised by the number of bicyclists we saw out.  CSU-P is now connected to town by the Fountain Creek trail, bicycle lanes, bus, and sharrows.  So hopefully the amount of single drivers at the university will start to diminish.

If you haven't picked up your new Pueblo bicycle route map yet, here is a list of places around town where you can find them.
Local area bicycle shops and local sporting goods stores
Parks and Recreation Departments
Pueblo YMCA, Pueblo Ice Arena, local athletic clubs
Pueblo Libraries, Pueblo Mall Service Desk
Lake Pueblo State Park and Pueblo Nature Center
Colorado State University-Pueblo visitor center, recreation center and several other locations
HARP (Riverwalk) Boathouse and Senior Resource Development Agency (SRDA)
City of Pueblo:  Police Department, Municipal Center, Transit Center, Planning, Transportation
Pueblo County Courthouse information booth
All Employee Wellness Coordinators
Pueblo City-County Health Department info booth

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