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Love on 2 wheels

A 30th wedding anniversary.  Most couples never reach it, and if they do, they probably drink a glass of champagne, eat a couple pieces of chocolate, buy some flowers or maybe go out for dinner to celebrate.  Well, Mike and Stephanie Battisti decided to celebrate their 30 years together by bicycling 4000 miles from Virginia to Seattle on a tandem bicycle!  They spent two nights with me this week, and were able to take in the Riverwalk, a couple of local coffee shops, the Sangre de Cristo Art Center and sample some Pueblo green chili, and this was their "rest" day. 
They were a joy to be around, happy as ever, even after 30 years and 2000+ consecutive miles of riding the tandem:).
I leave tomorrow to go support a friend who will marry the woman of his dreams in South Dakota, I can only hope that his marriage will be as eventful, beautiful, and successful after 30 years.
Happy Trails Mike and Stephanie!
Follow their adventure here:

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