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The Good and Bad of Graffiti

Nicholas and I went out for a Saturday morning city ride and it turned out to be a mini-graffiti tour.   First stop was the Eastside where a prep crew was covering old graffiti that would later be painted over with a new piece.  Next we saw a cool angels and demons piece that was being worked on south of Main Street off of the river trail.  We ended the ride with a breakfast stop at the Martinez Cafe, where I was informed by the owners of a not-so pleasant graffiti story.  I always recommend all the cross-country touring people to eat at the Martinez Cafe because it's the best breakfast in town, but apparently one of my previous guests  decided it would be funny to vandalize their bathroom by drawing a face on the wall with a sharpie.  Not so funny.  I felt terrible, since I referred him to the restaurant, and he disrespected my name as well as the restaurant by being an  idiot and vandalizing the bathroom.

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