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The Ultimate Form of Alternative Transportation

The ultimate form of alternative transportation is cross-country bicycle touring.  This week I had Iris and Alex and Brian and Robin stay with me for a night's rest on their cross-country tours.  I was put in touch with them through www.couchsurfing.org.  It's a really great site, for both parties involved, the host and the guest.  It gives the guest an insider's look at the town they are visiting and a free place to stay, and allows the host to meet new and interesting people and have some great stimulating conversations!   Great fun was had by all, even after not one flat tire, but two flat tires.  The late night "double pump" bicycle fun was extra special!  The only downside, is that they have to leave and continue their adventure.  Both parties were heading east coast to west coast, so they began their Rockies climb after they left me.  I wish them luck!


  1. the climbs werent as bad as I thought they would be. Hoosier pass was four miles and took me a bit less than an hour. The downhill down to Breckinridge was much more fun though.


  2. You're an animal Robin!

  3. We saw them walking on the river trail by Union bridge the other night and then later riding down Union St.

    After we saw them, Sergio and I had an interesting ride with Sophie and Luca in trailer tow and Annie on my bike as we tried to cut back to Abriendo on the river trail past Main St. We looped through some shrubs, hit railroad tracks, followed them south a ways, cut back and looped back through the neighborhood. Kind of a cool trail, just a little rough with the trailer.

    Oh, on the way up to Salida today, we saw two walkers/backpackers on the interstate just outside of Pueblo West with walking sticks and terrier dog. On our way back from Salida, they were still a ways from Canon City. That is stamina.

  4. You're a part of couchsurfing too? I love it! I'll have to go find you on it.

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