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Don't be a Pueblo Salmon

Inspired by two different friends who do cartoon work, and the numerous schools of wrong way riders in Pueblo, I decided to try my hand at a hybrid cartoon.  I think I'll stick with taking photos.


  1. Great job. You should make this into a poster.

  2. Hello, I am an avid bike enthusiast. I own a 2006 KHS flite 100 fixed gear, a 1978 Univega Specialissma, a 1996 Gary Fisher Marlin, a 1980 Centurion Omega, and a 1984 Centurion Accordo. I actually am guilty of this, the reason why is; i was hit by a car when I was riding in the CORRECT BIKE LANE. I didnt see him coming and I couldnt get out of the way. I now intentionally ride in the WRONG BIKE LANE so that I can see if a car is going to hit me or not. It has actually saved me more than not. Puebloans dont understand the concept of a SHARROW. I would rather piss off a few cyclists and bruise their ego than get hit by another car. That being said, hopefully more drivers in this town will acknowlege this and I can begin my safe daily riding on the correct side of the road and not ride in fear of what is behind me. p.s. bike mirrors are junk


  3. When I was a kid , we were told to ride the wrong way so the cars could see us. this by a Bike safety guy who came to our school 70s. Then in the mid 80's after moving to Colorado it was ride with the flow. ugh. I wish I could fly.