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Pueblo Bicycle Commuter Cup

Things are starting to heat up!  So far, we have 3 teams registered, Parkview, Pueblo City-County Health, and the US Geological Survey.  I'd really like to see some of the local businesses come forward and register.  Yes, I'm going to drag you to the front of the class and embarrass you, because there is no excuse for these "environmental", "bicycle friendly" businesses that are full of young and healthy employees not to register.

The Daily Grind
Bingo Burger
Solar Roast Coffee
Where ever Renae Moreschini works
Hopscotch Bakery
The Great Divide
Bob's Bicycles
City of Pueblo
Vance's Bicycles
North Star Engineering
City of Pueblo
Or anyone else that rides their bicycle and has a job can register their place of employment.   Even if you only inspire one other person at your work to leave their car at home and ride their bicycle for TWO days during the month, I would consider that a success.

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