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A well deserved birthday

Over the past 2 days, the culmination of some very hard work in Pueblo has come nearly full circle. We are lucky to have Kim Arline working so hard and advocating for bicycles and active lifestyles here in Pueblo.  In the course of 2 days, a lot has happened.   The completion of a series of bicycle and pedestrian safety videos for the Safe Routes to School program,  the grand opening of ActivePueblo.net, and last night an amazing presentation to Pueblo City Council which convinced them to start the application process towards becoming an American Bicycle League certified Bicycle Friendly Community.  All to which, we owe Kim a very big thank you for all of her effort, dedication and hard work.  And all of these things came full circle just one day before her birthday!  So have a Happy Birthday Kim, enjoy it, you deserve it.  The community is lucky to have you!


  1. Happy birthday Kim! And congratulations on the videos and the Bicycle Friendly Community initiative. All it takes to make Council see the light is lots of hard work and dedicated champions like you! They're lucky to have you down there. Wish I had a Kim Arline in Fort Collins!

  2. Hello,
    It takes so much work to find Kim’s email address, so I put forth my Happy Birthday! here. I had no idea you were doing so much. I have been doing so little bike stuff, other than riding when I can. So much is planned and moving forward for the next few great weather months. It seems so progressive and fun, and that is great!


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