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One reason people have for not commuting to work via bicycle is that they have no one to ride with.   Riding with someone will increase your visibility to cars, give you someone that will help motivate you to ride,  and make you feel like you are a part of a community.  So I came up with this idea of how to coordinate with other people in Pueblo that are commuting via bicycle.  First, you can click to enlarge this map, zoom in, zoom out, find your home and workplace on the map.  Click on your shaded zone, each shaded zone is assigned a number.  I live in Zone 17 and work in Zone 13.  The idea is that, for example a Facebook page, people would post there home Zone and work Zone creating a database that people could find other people in their Zones that would be commuting via bicycle and could meet up to ride together.  So if I am a Zone 17/13, I would be looking for other people that were Zone 17/13 or at least something close so we could ride together for part of the way.    I don't know if Pueblo has enough bicycle commuters to make this work, but maybe it would work in other areas?  Feedback is welcome

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