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Art and Bicycles

This is Alex.  Alex collects trash via bicycle and transforms it into art.  His work, as well as others, is now being displayed at  the Loft Coffeehouse for the month.  Super cool stuff, go check it out.  He also has another project brewing that involves a bicycle trash collection art competition.  Stay tuned for more details.

1 comment:

  1. Ryan,
    I haven't seen Alex's art, so I'm not sure of his style, but has he thought about making artwork into bird houses and children playing, drive slowly signs. Bird houses would be kind of cool because they could be installation pieces downtown or in communities that serve a dual purpose. Also, children playing signs could be installed in neighborhoods or around parks. These would not be city signs (as I'm sure they would have to meet tons of requirements) but rather pieces of artwork that convey the message. I'm also thinking it would be cool to have Bicyclist welcomed signs for coffee shops, businesses, etc. Megan