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Dowtown Hustle

This was the scene outside of Gyro City as I was picking up some lunch. It was nice to see, even with the cold temperatures, that people rode their bicycle or walked during their lunch breaks. There are a lot of great lunch spots in downtown and the Union district, so get some fresh air, take a walk and get something good to eat. A few of my favorite spots, in no particular order.

Gyro City (the old owners are back...which is good)
Hopscotch Bakery (great soups to keep you warm)
Wireworks (The Tempeh Reuben is awesome!)
The Vasquez Taco Shop (worth the walk over the bridge)
The Shamrock (for extending lunch hour to happy hour)
Bingo Burger (brand new and worth a try)
Gailileo's (authentic Italian with erratic service)

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